Horze Embrace Fleece Bandages

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Horze Embrace Fleece Bandages


  • Soft, high quality fleece bandages
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Latest fashion colors
  • Material: Polar fleece. Length: 10 1/2 ft. (3.2 m). Set of 4 in a polyester bag.
  • Support for your horse's legs while training

Wrap your horse's legs for training sessions in the newest seasonal colors from the Horze Embrace Fleece Bandages - 4 pack.

These soft, high quality fleece bandages offer support for your horse's legs while training. They are easy to apply and will stay in place with the strong hook-and-loop fasteners. The mix and match colors can be paired up with other Horze Supreme collection products for a coordinated stylish look.