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Equine Couture Fly Bonnet With Crystals White Horse

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Equine Couture Fly Bonnet With Crystals White Horse

Our Equine Couture Fly Bonnet with Crystals will add a little sparkle to your horse's tack. Horses can become distracted by flies while riding and this will aid in a more productive ride while keeping you and your horse a bit safer. This fly bonnet is handmade with open weave cotton to allow for cooler coverage. We used Spandex for the ears, to allow for a little stretch, which gives your horse freer movement.

Features & Details

  • 100% cotton with Spandex for the ears to give it a little stretch and unhindered movement
  • This bonnet will keep away those pesky flying insects. Will aid in a safer and more productive ride.
  • Hand Knitted; Durable and stylish; Cool and comfortable for your horse
  • Clear crystals and silver bead embellishments along front edge
  • Pretty scalloped edging on the back