Cashel Quiet Ride Long Mask with ears DRAFT size

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Cashel Quiet Ride Long Mask with ears DRAFT size

With the Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask, you will be confident your horse is protected and content, giving you a much quieter and safer ride on the trail. Featuring a similar design and the dependable quality of the Cashel Crusader™ fly masks, the Quiet-Ride™ is constructed from a sheer, translucent mesh that easily fits over your bridle to allow your horse to see clearly while keeping pesky flies and gnats at bay during your entire ride.

Cashel guarantees quality you can count on, and this reliable design features a patented three-hole cap that eliminates forelock damage. Soft, low-nap polar fleece-bound seams and edges prevent any rubbing or discomfort and won't attract burrs and other debris.

  • Lightweight, Sheer Over-the-Bridle Design
  • Patented Three-Hole Cap Construction
  • Extended Nose & Additional Ear Covers
  • Soft, Polar Fleece-Bound Seams
  • Double Velcro Locking Security
  • Cool, Comfortable & Effective
  • Machine Washable!